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If you are a victim of hand amputation, talk to us today on how to start your hand amputation claim for compensation. Hand amputations are very serious injuries. If you can prove that your hand amputation was due to someone else’s mistake or negligence, you have the right to claim compensation.

Possible complications associated with Hand Amputations

Possible post amputation side effects could be;

  • Stump pain or phantom limb pain – stump pain could be from the remaining part of the hand for example is the amputation was below the elbow. Phantom limb pain on the other hand occurs when some nerves at the point of amputation malfunction sending false signals to the brain.
  • Possible infections – this can result in bleeding, blood clots and inability to use their artificial limb. Such complications have often led the amputees to have further surgical procedures which have seen some lose the rest of the limb.

Causes of Hand Amputations

Hand amputations can be caused by several factors such as;

  • Trauma related injuries – this is mostly cause in accidents both in the work place and on the roads. They can cause damages to ligaments and tissues or bone fractures whose best form of treatment is getting the hand amputated.
  • Medical negligence – commonly occurring in misdiagnosis which often makes the hand injury worse than it was and before you know it the conditioned worsens making amputation inevitable.

Compensation Amount For Hand Amputation Claims

The amount you are likely to receive in a hand amputation claim varies greatly depending on the severity of the amputation. To make a claim for compensation for a Hand Amputation, a medical report is required with details pertaining to the amputation and the long terms impacts of the amputation.

The compensation you receive should include factors such as;

  • The pain and anguish you have been through as a result of the amputation.
  • Travel costs incurred. This includes costs to and from hospital as you go through treatment.
  • The cost of rehabilitation. Rehabilitation is broad and includes exercises to promote muscle strength as well as endurance, pain management for the different pains that emerge after the amputation – emotional support to help you grieve and start the process of acceptance of your new body image, vocational counselling, patient as well as immediate family education on how to manage the condition, treatments to assist with healing, exercises and training on how to use assistive limbs. All this we include under the cost of compensation to which we expect compensation for the above factors.
  • Cost of prosthetics can be high and it may take months to get one from NHS and not so updated. We claim for the cost of getting the best artificial limbs that will make your day to day life as smooth as possible. This means going into private care which is not cheap but we will sort this out for you free of charge.
  • Loss of earnings from the time the accident occurred. Most amputees have taken time of work from when the accident occurred. This could be months or even years. Our hand amputation claims include the wages you have lost during this period as you underwent treatment. It further includes expected losses in the coming years if the hand amputation renders you unfit for the job and can no longer go back to work.
  • The costs of car modifications or the need to acquire a new one for ease in your movement
  • Loss of quality of life due to the inability to enjoy leisure activities. For example, if you used to play hand games during your leisure time, getting your hand amputated means you cannot enjoy the sports anymore and thus have to look for alternatives. This inconvenience is what we claim compensation for.

Below are approximate amounts of compensation you might possibly get. For a rather refined figure, please get in touch with us.

  • For total loss of both arms you can expect compensation amount of up to £200,000
  • For Amputation of one arm the average compensation is not less than £125,000
  • For amputations below the elbow, the compensation value ranges between £72,000 and £90,000
  • For hand Amputation above the elbow the amount of compensation ranges between £78,000 to £97,000
  • For Hand Amputations above the wrist the expected amount of compensation you may receive ranges between £78,000 to £97,000

How To Prove Negligence By a Third Party Leading To Your Hand Amputation

The Health and Safety at work Act 1974 is the most widely referenced baseline to prove negligence in personal Injury Claims. For your Amputation Solicitor to prove beyond reasonable doubt that your accident was caused by a third party either fully or partially, they need to have;

  • Photographic evidence detailing the scene of accident and if possible showing the injuries on your hand.
  • Witness statements in their own version detailing the events that led to the accident
  • Accident records in the workplace as proof that there was indeed an accident that occurred at your place of work.
  • Medical reports from a licenced health practitioner on your treatment plan.
  • Employer notice signing you of work as a result of the accident.

Rehabilitation After Hand Amputation

Ideally, an amputation wound will take about eight weeks to heal but the physical and emotional adjustments may take years. With our years of experience in handling hand amputation compensation claims, we have established rehabilitation programs that we refer our clients to. They vary on the severity of the amputation as well as the emotional impact it has had on their lives. The variety of these rehabilitation programs include;

  • Acute rehabilitation
  • Outpatient rehabilitation programs
  • Vocational rehabilitation programs
  • Day treatment programs

In our experience, rehabilitation after a hand amputation is very costly and thus we endeavour to make sure that your case focuses on the future and not just the present. This way, you are assured of being able to afford the subsequent treatments.

Can I make Hand Amputation Claim By Myself?

Some cases might look pretty straight forward tempting you to make a compensation claim by yourself. Although this might work and you may get some compensation, but we highly recommend you hiring an amputation Solicitor who is much more familiar with the law and particularly who has handled such cases in the past.

Most of the companies have legal representatives who will handle cases on their behalf. Handling a case yourself without a slight ounce of legal know how of some technicalities involved is a risky affair.

Most people are afraid of hiring solicitors because of the financial implications. Our amputation claims Solicitors however offer FREE services if you have a case they consider strong and has a high possibility of a win. You will only be required to pay the solicitor fees if you win the case and the compensation has been paid to you. This form of agreement is what we call No Win No Fee. With a No Win No Fee agreement you are guaranteed of no legal deposits or financial implications even if you lose your claim.

With a No Win No Fee agreement there is simply no excuse why you shouldn’t make your hand amputation claim with us instead of risking doing it yourself.
Hand Amputation Claims

Time Limit For Hand Amputation Claims

Just like with all hand amputation claims, you are only allowed up to three years from the time the accident to make a claim. However, that being said, some hand amputations can take years to discover the real cause. If that is the case, the amputee is allowed three years from the time they discover that their hand amputation was as a result of an incident that happened in the past. This could be cases such as for medical negligence, delay in diagnosis on health conditions or a workplace that you were employed in the past.

Also, minors who are not legally allowed by law to make a claim by themselves are allowed up to 18 years for them to attain their adult status. if they wish to make a claim, the three years begins from the the time they get to 18 years. This then gives them up to 21 years to make any hand amputation claim for compensation.

For victims who have no mental capacity to make a claim, they have no time limit on claims and hence a trusted family member is allowed to make a claim at whatever time.

Finally, if the accident happened abroad, then the time limit is dependent on the laws of the country in which your hand amputation occurred.

Why Claim Justice For Your Hand Amputation Compensation Claims?

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