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In the UK, in the last year alone, over 22,000 major injuries were reported. And of those, as many as 40% involved slips, trips, and falls. As a long established legal firm, we’ve seen a great number of personal injury claims brought about by insufficient adherence to safety guidelines, often to a level of carelessness which amounts to a breach of duty of care. This duty of care is the responsibility of every owner (and therefore caretaker) of every public place at which you might enter – shops, schools, libraries, even pavements and streets. And it’s been our unfortunate experience that most of the people affected most seriously by a slip, trip or fall have been the elderly. Twisted joints and fractured bones can be a serious, debilitating injury for anyone of any age, but for one of the older members of our community it can cause very serious injuries indeed. The strain of reduced mobility when someone was already finding it difficult to get out and about can be a consequence of no little size, and any additional pain, suffering or discomfort at a time of life when one is already prone to illnesses is a matter we take very seriously, and treat with an appropriate level of weight.

Of course, we treat all our cases with equal sincerity, and understand that even relatively minor injuries can cause a lot of difficulty in anyone’s life. If you can’t find a comfortable position, it’ll be uncomfortable trying to get a good night’s sleep. And as we all know, a lack of sleep can have a knock on effect in every area of a person’s life. And that’s not to mention how a sprained wrist, for example, can make it impossible to lift heavy shopping, or type for long periods of time, or prepare meals. Everything is slower to do and more troublesome – what a nightmare! And consider all these ailments; if they’ve been caused by the negligent behaviour of a company or authority whose behaviour hasn’t been good enough, of course they owe you compensation for the costs and pain they’ve put you through.

Slip, Trip or Fall

If you’ve made a decision to put forward your claim, you might be able to find out today that we can make you an excellent case. Contact us for free legal advice, and if you select our team to represent your slip trip or fall claim you can rest easy in the knowledge that your case is in the best possible hands. And what’s more, we offer our services on a No Win, No Fee basis! Meaning that no matter what happens, you won’t have to pay a penny of our costs out of your own pocket. Take advantage of our twenty five years of leading legal experience and get in touch with a member of our team – the more quickly you begin your case, the closer you are to seeing justice done.