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Being involved in any form of accident is a very serious matter, and if a serious injury results in an amputation or loss of limb, the injured person’s entire life will be transformed by the incident. At Free Legal Justice, we understand that any amputation, whether partial or full, upper body or lower body amputation, is a stressful and traumatic experience for all parties involved. We are here to help you get through this upsetting and challenging time, to try to provide you with financial comfort on the journey to recovery and ultimately to get you the justice you deserve. Finances might not be the first thing on your mind as you recover from an amputation, but the financial compensation that you could gain from an amputation claim may just be the lifeline you need to get your life back on track.

Our amputation claims solicitors will happily give you free legal advice on the merits of your amputation claim, in a confidential and no-obligation discussion.  Free Legal Justice is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and is ready answer any questions you might have about your compensation claim. Please get in touch with us by filling out the online form, or by calling us on 0800 567 7074 today. We appreciate that you may not be able to get to one of the Free Legal Justice offices because of your amputation injury. One of our friendly amputation claims solicitors will be happy to conduct a complimentary home visit, so that you can talk over your amputation claim from the comfort of your own home.

Amputation Claims Solicitors

Amputation Claims

Amputation claims can arise in connection with various types of serious personal injuries. When an accident or trauma is extremely severe, it can require complete amputation and the injured body part is totally detached from the rest of the body. Amputations are drastic and invasive procedures, and complications can easily happen if a body part is amputated. The most significant complications are bleeding, shock, and infections connected to the amputation.

The effects of amputation are widespread and varied, and the impact on a person will differ from case to case. One thing is for certain though- the amputee’s life will be changed forever. Common in all amputation injuries is the long recovery and rehabilitation period. After an amputation injury, months of rehabilitation will be needed to help the person learn how to use a prosthetic, and it can take a long time for them to adjust to their new life.

To assess the total effect of an amputation on the injured person’s life, our amputation claims solicitors will take a number of factors into account:

  • The type of amputation
  • The condition of the remaining limb
  • Whether the amputee can use a prosthetic limb
  • The person’s age
  • Their pre-injury health
  • Other injuries sustained at the same time as the amputation
  • Their domestic situation
  • The emotional and psychological effect on the person

Amputations will usually be a last resort for doctors considering how to treat or deal with a severe injury.  Loss of limb usually happens immediately in a traumatic accident for example when a limb is ripped off by force, but sometimes it can happen a few days later after medical complications make it necessary to amputate the limb. Some of the most common causes of traumatic amputations that our amputation claims solicitors deal with are:

  • Car accidents (involving cars, motorcycles, bicycles, and trains);
  • Various forms of accidents at work (equipment, instruments, cylinders, chainsaws, press machines, meat machines, wood machines, etc.)
  • Agricultural accidents for example accidents with machines and mower equipment
  • Electric shock dangers
  • Weapons, blades and knives, explosives
  • Public place injuries, including building doors and car doors
  • Animal attacks
  • Explosions

Free Legal Justice knows that being injured in any type of accident is scary, as is the amputation and recovery process that goes with it. Our amputation claims solicitors want to lend a helping hand to guide you through the amputation claim process. We will take over all the hard work during the claims process, leaving you with less paperwork and minimal stress, and getting you one step closer to the justice you deserve.

Amputation Claims

What Is The Value Of My Amputation Claim?

Amputation claim pay-outs typically comprise of amounts awarded for general and special damages. General damages refer to compensation for the physical injury suffered by the person, while special damages refer to compensation awarded as a reimbursement of additional expenses incurred as a result of the amputation. Your special damages will include pain and suffering, prosthetic costs, care and assistance, rehabilitation, travel costs, home adjustments costs, and past and future earning loss.  Your knowledgeable amputation claims solicitor will explain in detail what will form part of the calculation of your general and special damages, once you provide them with the details of your amputation claim.

Your amputation claim solicitor will calculate the general damages part of your amputation claim by comparing your independent medical report with the official Judicial Board Guidelines for the Assessment of General Damages in Personal Injury Cases. This guideline estimates the total general damages that can be claimed for different types of injuries. Due to the severity and general life impact of amputations, amputation compensation claims will be in the top level of serious injury claims. The value of your amputation claim will also depend on aspects such as how serious your injury was, complicating factors surrounding the injury, and the length of the recovery period.

Generally, amputations are regarded as some of the most severe injuries that someone can suffer, and the effects of amputations are much longer than other injuries- the physical effect being permanent, and the psychological effects lasting very long for most people. The figures below should give you a general idea of the compensation that you might be eligible to recover with the assistance of an amputations claims solicitor.

Amputation Amount For Work Accident Claims

  • Amputation of index finger could give you compensation in the region of £14,000;
  • Amputation of a big toe can leave you with compensation in the region of £23,800;
  • Loss of a thumb could give you a pay out of between £27,000 and £41,500;
  • Amputation of one hand can be in the region of £73,000 and £83,300;
  • Loss of one foot can lead to a pay-out of between £63,800 and £83,300
  • Loss of the lower half of the arm (below the elbow) can be between £73,000 to £83,300;
  • Amputation from the top half an arm– £83,300 to £99,500;
  • Amputation of one leg below the knee can reach compensation of between £74,400 and £101,000;
  • Loss of one leg from above the knee – £79,700 to £104,500 in compensation;
  • Amputation of both arms can leave you with compensation of between £183,000 and £228,000 depending on the circumstance surrounding your case;
  • Amputation of both legs can reach compensation of between £183,000 and £214,300

Please note that these figures are for broad guidance only. For a more tailored estimate of your amputation claim, contact the Free Legal Justice team today. Our amputation claims solicitors will be able to advise you on the merits and value of your claim once you’ve shared all the details of your case with us. Free Legal Justice is available to give you completely free legal advice 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and is ready answer any questions you might have about the calculation of your general and special damages. Please get in touch with us by filling out the online form, or by calling us on 0800 567 7074 today. We appreciate that you may not be able to get to one of the Free Legal Justice offices because of your injuries. One of our friendly amputation claims solicitors will be happy to conduct a complimentary home visit, so that you can talk over your claim from the comfort of your own home.

Amputation accident Claims At Work

Serious accidents at work can result in various levels of amputation injuries. Generally, an accident at work is an accidental but anticipatable incident that happens at a place of work, because of the conditions of the site or premises, because of the way in which a job is being done, or because of how certain equipment is being used. As a result of one or more of these factors, an accident happens and someone (usually an employee) is severely injured at the place of work. . Accidents at work can arise in a number of different working environments, but are particularly common in the construction industry, the manufacturing and agricultural industries.

An accident at work claim is then the process where the employee that was injured in the accident at work, makes a claim for financial compensation against the person that is legally responsible for the injuries.  Free Legal Justice’s amputation claims solicitors have successfully proven the negligence of hundreds of employers in claims of this type, resulting in rightful financial compensation and justice for many victims of accidents in the workplace.

The bottom line is that every employee has the right to feel safe in the place that they work. Whether you work in the construction sector, in the restaurant industry, in an office job, or as a cashier in a superstore, your employer has a legal duty to make sure your place of work is safe and you are securely protected from harm.

Free Legal Justice is here to help you get the justice you deserve. You don’t have to feel awkward or wary about making an amputation at work claim against your employer. In fact, if you have suffered any form of injury because of someone’s negligence or actions at work, we advise that you contact our amputation claims solicitors immediately to discuss your potential personal injury claim. Not only do amputation injuries affect your health; they can also affect your personal relationships and have a major financial impact on your life. If you have suffered an amputation, your whole life will be changed, and your whole family could be affected by one terrible event. The Free Legal Justice team is here to help you through this difficult period of your life.

Amputation claim at work

What Happens If I Make An Amputation compensation Claim Against My Employer?

If you have had to endure an amputation as a result of a serious incident at work that was not your fault, you should speak to an amputation claims solicitor to find out if you have a compensation claim. Free Legal Justice appreciates that instituting a claim against your employer can be daunting. We are also conscious that you may be anxious about the effect that a compensation claim may have on your employment relationship or future employment.

You need not be concerned about your employer’s financial and reputational impact as a result of the compensation claim. Every employer in the United Kingdom is required to take out employer’s liability insurance. When you institute your personal injury claim with the help of our amputation claims solicitors, your employer’s insurance company will take over the case on your employer’s behalf, and will pay any associated costs- including your compensation pay-out. Every employer is legally required to take out this employers’ liability insurance, to make sure that they are financially secure enough to pay compensation for all kinds of work injury claims, without it affecting the economic position of the company.

In summary, you are legally entitled to claim financial compensation for the wrongful injuries that you have suffered in the workplace, and you have a fundamental right to get justice for the harm that has been caused. Do not feel guilty about using your basic human rights! On another note, by making a claim for the amputation injuries you have sustained in a work accident, you also might reduce the likelihood of another employee being injured in the same way, as your employer will likely make health and safety upgrades and reviews to avoid the same thing happening again.

Our experienced amputation claims solicitors have dealt with these often sensitive situations countless times before. Free Legal Justice’s amputation claims solicitors will deal with your compensation claim sensitively and discreetly, placing your privacy and security at the top of our priorities list. If you think you have a claim for compensation against your employer because of an amputation you suffered at work, you should definitely contact an amputation claim solicitor today. Free Legal Justice will be happy to provide the necessary support and discuss your legal recourse in a completely free consultation, from the comfort of your home.

What Will Happen To My Job If I Make A amputation Compensation Claim Against My Employer?

Making a claim against your employer can be daunting, but there are laws in place to protect you from being unfairly dismissed or treated differently, such as the Employment Rights Act 1996. Your employment status should not be affected by making a work accident claim. If, because you made the work accident claim, your employer has terminated your contract of employment, you would likely have a case for unfair dismissal. Put simply, it’s illegal for an employer to dismiss an employee or discipline an employee because they have instituted a compensation claim against the company. In the unlikely event that you do lose your job, or you are threatened with losing your job because you have made a claim against the company, speak to one of our expert amputation claim solicitors immediately. If this is the case, you will be able to take legal action against your employer in addition to the work accident claim.

If the amputation injuries that you have suffered because of the work accident result in you being unfit or unable to fulfil the requirements of your current job, meaning that you have to find a new job or start a new career, your amputation claims solicitor will include a special damages claim for the past and future financial loss sustained as a result of your amputation injury.

If you feel you are being treated differently because you are pursuing a legitimate work accident claim, speak to our panel of amputation claims solicitors immediately. It could be a breach of your employment rights. You have a legal right to fair and just compensation for the injuries you have suffered in the work accident. Your employer cannot take it personally that you are exercising your basic rights.

Types Of Amputation Injuries At Work

Injuries From Falling Objects

Falling objects can cause relatively minor injuries like cuts and bruises, but in serious cases, falling objects can cause much more severe bodily harm, paraplegia and even brain damage. Our amputation claim solicitors often see injuries as a result of:

  • Files, books, stationery and other office tools and equipment falling from a shelf and onto an employee below;
  • Wall and ceiling fixtures become detached and falling on someone;
  • Tools and other construction materials and debris falling onto a worker from a height on a building site;
  • Unsecured loads lifted to a height and falling on to someone below;
  • Shelves that haven’t been properly maintained collapsing onto someone below.

Extremely heavy or sharp objects falling onto a limb can result in severe injuries necessitating amputation.

Falling from a Height

Falls from a height are common in the manual labour and construction industries. Our amputation claim solicitors often deal with amputation claims caused by an employee:

  • working on a ladder that is unstable, overreaching while on a ladder or using a ladder without proper footing;
  • a roof, with no safety cables or nets;
  • working on a fragile surface;
  • falling from a high vehicle or a crane;
  • Falling from scaffolding on a building site;

Depending on how you land, how high you fell from, and on what you landed, a fall from a great height could result in severe damage that necessitates amputation.

Burn Injuries

Generally, burn injuries are often caused by:

  • Electrical burns from contact with electrical currents caused by faulty tools or faulty electrical equipment;
  • Contact with overheated machinery or tools;
  • Chemical burns from contact with corrosive materials, acids or oils;
  • Contact with direct heat sources such as welding;
  • Fire burns from a fire started within the building or by faulty wiring.

Burn injuries can be extremely serious and cause internal and external harm to limbs, which in extreme cases can mean an amputation.

Dangerous Machinery Accidents

If you work in a factory, industry, a warehouse or in agriculture, you will most likely be exposed to perilous machinery on a daily basis.

Possible causes of amputations involving dangerous machinery are:

  • Injuries caused by machine entanglement and crushing;
  • Cuts and lacerations from coming in contact with sharp tools or parts of machinery;
  • Lack of training of employees;
  • Faulty or insufficient PPE; and
  • Defective or poorly maintained machinery.

Burn and machinery injuries in the workplace are often a result of employers failing to provide appropriate protective equipment (PPE) for their employees. Employers have a duty of care to their employees to supply sufficient PPE and to take whatever steps to protect employees’ safety at work – especially when they are dealing with dangerous machinery or are in dangerous lines of work.

Dangerous Machinery Accidents

Car Accident Amputation Claims

We know that being in any form of car accident is a harrowing experience for everyone involved. Besides the emotional stress and shock, damage to the cars and other possessions, a car accident often results in injuries to one or more parties. Amputations can easily result from a serious car accident, and these injuries can have severe and long-lasting consequences for the victims. If you or a loved one has suffered an amputation as a result of a car accident that was not your fault, you may have a valid amputation claim, and be entitled to financial compensation for the harm that you have suffered. Our team of dedicated and knowledgeable amputation claims solicitors are here to help you institute your amputation claim.

Car accidents can cause injuries to all sorts of people, including passengers, drivers, and innocent bystanders. All these individuals may have possible personal injury claims. If the person who suffered an amputation injury was younger than 18 years old, a parent or guardian will be able to make an= compensation claim on their behalf. The Free Legal Justice team is available to discuss your amputation claim for free at any time, and one of our experienced amputation claims solicitors will happily advise you on the potential of your claim, without any obligation to appoint us as lawyers thereafter.

If you are the driver of a vehicle, your knees are usually close to the steering wheel, the dashboard and the pedals. If a car accident ensues, the legs of the driver or a front passenger could easily crash into or buckle under the dashboard upon impact, leading to an array of lower leg and ankle injuries that may result in amputation. If you are a pedestrian or bike rider hit by a car, you can sustain severe injuries upon impact and this can result in an amputation.

Generally you will make an amputation claim against the driver of the car who was responsible for your amputation injuries. Once a claim is made against the person at fault, that person should pass responsibility of the claim to his insurance company to deal with on his behalf.

The insurance company will indemnify their insured driver against his or her negligent driving actions. In other words, the driver’s insurance company will pay the compensation for your car accident claim once you have shown the insured driver was at fault or negligent in causing the car accident that ultimately resulted in your injuries.

Public Place Amputation Claims

Free Legal Justice’s amputation claims solicitors are highly experienced in handling amputation claims that arise in a wide range of public places, including theme parks, shopping malls, restaurants and bars, parks, schools, theatres, carnivals and music concerts.

Councils, shop owners, businesses and public bodies all have a duty to take reasonable measures to prevent the public from being injured on the premises under their control. If you have suffered an amputation due to injuries sustained in a public place under the control of one of these bodies, and you believe that your accident was due to negligence of such body, you should speak to an amputation claims solicitor about your potential claim.

If your amputation accident was on a council owned property, such as a public walkway or a council house rented out to a member of the public, then you may be able to make an amputation claim against the local authority if the accident was due to their negligence. When our amputation claims solicitors look at injuries occurring in public spaces that cause amputations, the accident causing the injury will generally need to be very serious. This accident can for example involve a collapse of infrastructure, falling through a hole or exposed area in the ground, or a heavy load being dropped on someone. When the accident is severe, it can cause immediate trauma such that the limb is ripped or detached from the body, or the injury is severe and complication arise that necessitate amputation.

To be able to make a claim against a local authority for not maintaining a road or sidewalk, our amputation claim solicitors will help you prove that the local council was negligent in their duty to the public by failing to keep the specific area under their control safe and secure. This involves proving that, based on the circumstances of the case, it was not reasonable for the local council to let the public space to fall into a state of disrepair that it could result in a person being injured.

What Does An Amputation Claims Solicitor Cost?

Many potential claimants worry about the cost of an amputation claims solicitor to help them make an amputation claim. We have good news- at Free Legal Justice, the vast majority of cases that our amputation claims solicitors take are structured on a no win no fee basis, so there is no financial risk to you.

A No Win No Fee agreement lets you continue with your amputation claim on the condition that if the claim is not successful, you won’t owe the Free Legal Justice team any money. Put simply, it is a way for you to take the necessary legal steps to claim rightful compensation for your amputation, without any financial risks weighing over your head. Our highly skilled amputation claims solicitors are happy to offer No Win No Fee agreements to clients seeking rightful compensation for personal injuries, because they are extremely confident in their legal skills and have a track record of successful claims behind them.

Our accident claims solicitors work on an average success fee of 25% of the total compensation received for your claim. Your personal amputation claims solicitor will make sure to discuss the success fee upfront, and this success fee will be agreed in writing between the parties before you make your amputation claim. If Free Legal Justice helps you to win your case, we will receive the success fee as payment for our legal fees. Your experienced amputation claims solicitor will be able to answer any questions that you might have regarding the success fee once you have agreed to continue with your amputation claim.