Tesco Injury and Accident Claims Guide 2023

Tesco is an extremely popular supermarket, with millions of shoppers doing their daily or weekly grocery run in Tesco stores every week. Tesco employs thousands of people all over the UK, and its stores are packed to the top with various foods, clothing, appliances, drinks, warm foods, freezers, snacks and toiletry products. At any given moment, there are thousands of ways that any of the thousands of people in a Tesco store each day can become injured and be a victim of a Tesco accident.

While we all know how busy supermarkets can be, when you go for your weekly shopping trip at Tesco, you don’t expect that you’ll suddenly need to detour your grocery trip to the hospital because you suffered a Tesco accident. If a Tesco accident has caused you or a loved one any injuries, and someone else is to blame, whether it be Tesco management themselves, an employee or another shopper, then you may well be able to make a Tesco accident claim for compensation.

If you have been injured at Tesco and the accident was not your fault, contact Free Legal Justice today to discuss the merits of your potential Tesco accident claim.

Tesco Accident Claims

tesco accident claims explained

There are countless forms of Tesco accidents that shoppers, visitors and workers can suffer while in Tesco. A Tesco accident includes any incident that has happened on the Tesco premises, and which has resulted in some form of harm being caused. Whether you were injured by a car in the parking lot of Tesco, something fell off of the shelf and hit you below as you walked past the furniture aisle, or you have slipped and fallen on spilled food or liquid in the dairy aisles, Tesco accidents can cause all types of injury, and some of these injuries can be quite severe.

Can Employees Make Tesco Accident Claims?

If you are an employee working in Tesco, whether as a shelving and packing assistant, a chef, a cleaner, a cashier or teller, or in the back office of a supermarket, you can easily be injured as you go about your daily job. Your employer has a duty to take necessary precautions and steps to ensure your health and safety in the workplace.  If you have been injured in a Tesco accident as a worker because of an accident that was not your fault, you may be entitled to a Tesco accident claim.

The physical injuries sustained in any form of Tesco accident will not just affect your health and physical wellbeing. They can affect your person life and could also have a drastic impact on your financial life for you and your family. Although money might not be the first thing on your mind after you’ve been harmed in a Tesco accident, the financial compensation you could get will help on the journey towards recovery- in all areas of your life. If you have hurt yourself in any type of Tesco accident, be sure to get in in touch with Free Legal Justice today to receive free legal advice on your Tesco accident claim.

Tesco Accident

Tesco Accident Claims Explained

There is a common error that all supermarket claims are trivial and are that injuries suffered in a supermarket accident do not warrant compensation. This is simply not true. Supermarket accidents can range from fairly minor to severe injuries, depending on the nature of the accident and the party involved. A fall in Tesco can easily result in a broken bone, an open wound or cut, an injury to the head or the face.

Slip And Fall Accidents In Tesco

This is arguably the most common type of supermarket accident claim that Free Legal Justice deals with. Individuals typically slip and fall in the supermarket because something hazardous is on the floor surface, for example water or ice, slippery cleaning products, or oily food and drinks. Trip accidents can be the result of things being left on the floor, by uneven floor surfaces, by obstructions such as potholes, cables and uneven steps. Fall injuries in Tesco could be caused by loose floor coverings, broken stairways, poor general health and safety measures, defective equipment; or simply an individual rushing to get somewhere. In addition, individuals have a greater risk slipping, tripping or falling in supermarkets where the lighting is insufficient or where the obstructions have not been brought to the attention of the public by means of warning signs.

If you are a shopper or worker that has been injured in a slip and trip accident at a supermarket because of something that the supermarket did or failed to do, you may have a valid supermarket accident claim. Speak to Free Legal Justice today to discuss the merits of your claim.

Falls From A Height

Falling from a great height at Tesco can be extremely dangerous and can cause severe or life-changing injuries to the victim. Some stores have multiple levels to them and have stairs or escalators to connect the different levels. A shopper in Tesco can suffer all sorts of injuries because of a fall from a height in the supermarket.

If you are a worker working in a supermarket, you may be injured in a falling accident when you stock shelves, work in the store room of Tesco, or use a ladder in the course of your job.  A severe fall accident in Tesco can have a huge impact on your physical and mental wellbeing, and if Tesco as your employer is to blame for your accident, you will be able to make a compensation claim for your injuries, as well as your pain and suffering. If you have suffered from this type of accident, Free Legal Justice is here to support you. We appreciate how difficult it can be to recover and adjust back to normal life.

Electrocution, Chemical exposure and Burn injuries

A shopper or a staff member could be electrocuted if there are any wires exposed at any place in Tesco, or if a fridge, light, or other appliance trips or blows a fuse. There are many potential fire hazards at a supermarket – there are many electrical appliances for keeping food warm or cold, many supermarkets that have a bakery or a warm food section, there are sometimes demonstrations of various electrical appliances, there are countless chemical and flammable substances that could cause a fire or burn a shopper or a worker alike.

Falling Objects In Tesco Supermarkets

Tesco shelves are likely filled with a variety of heavy and bulky items. Every aisle that you walk down in Tesco is loaded with food, drinks, alcohol, sweets, electrical appliances, toys, garden items, home décor and furniture. These items are packed onto the shelves in Tesco in bulk, to ensure that stock is sufficient for shoppers, and to ensure that the space is utilised effectively. If these shelves are not stocked properly, something can easily become dislodged and fall onto a shopper below. If a pack of tea falls on you, you won’t be injured by a falling object in a supermarket for example, but there are many heavy and sharp objects such as electrical appliances, glassware, furniture and cases of alcohol that can cause injury should they fall onto a shopper or child below. Similarly, if something falls from the ceiling – for example a ceiling tile, or part of a light fitting- detaches and falls onto you as you go about shopping, you could be severely injured and require immediate medical attention.

Similarly, workers in supermarkets are at risk of falling items as they go about their daily tasks. Workers particularly vulnerable to objects falling would include those who work in the storerooms and stock, shelves. They could easily be injured by huge crates, heavy boxes, and pallets of storage of stock that becomes dislodged and fall on them. If this accident happened during the scope of work and it was not your fault, you will likely be able to make a claim against your employer.

If you have been injured in any way because of a falling object in a Tesco, contact Free Legal Justice today to speak about your supermarket accident claim.

Accidents Involving Moving Objects Or Heavy Loads

This type of accident is more specific to workers being involved in accidents at Tesco. A manual handling duty is any workplace task that requires a worker to lift, move or support a load. The rules regulating health and safety at work define manual handing as the “Transporting or supporting of a load (including the lifting, putting down, pushing, pulling, carrying or moving thereof) by hand or by bodily force.” Manual handling injuries suffered by Tesco don’t have to be linked to a heavy load – they can be caused by any work involving the handling of items, even very light items. Manual handling injuries are particularly common amongst supermarket workers that deal with the loading and unloading of stock, stacking of shelves and other manual labour in the supermarket.

Free Legal Justice has handled numerous supermarket accident claims involving some sort of manual handling incident suffered by an employer. The majority of these cases are a direct result of supermarket employers failing to pay the necessary attention to manual handling safety rules and processes. In many cases, lifting and carrying injuries sustained by workers could easily have been prevented.

The injuries suffered by workers because of manual handling claims are often the result of:

  1. A worker being required to manually handle extreme loads;
  2. A employer failing to provide adequate safety training;
  3. Insufficient risk assessments being conducted by the employer;
  4. Failure of the employer to provide suitable safety equipment and first aid support to workers;
  5. Failure of the employer to provide a safe system of work or sufficient assistance to vulnerable workers.

Our expert legal professionals have successfully proven the negligence of hundreds of employers in claims of this nature. Free Legal Justice is here to help all Tesco accident claims victims receive lawful financial compensation for their injuries, and get the justice they deserve.

Tesco Parking Lot Accident Claims

Someone can be injured in a Tesco parking lot as a result of fragmented pavement, broken barriers, or a hole in the road. You could also be injured by another shopper or truck driver that collides with your vehicle or your body. If the cause of your injury is something that Tesco should have monitored and taken appropriate steps to remedy or prevent, you may be entitled to a Tesco accident claim.

Tesco Defective Equipment Claims

Workers in Tesco use many types of equipment as they go about their daily activities in the supermarket. Employers have a responsibility to inspect the equipment in Tesco frequently and make sure that it is in good working order, and doesn’t pose any danger to those using it or standing or working near to it. Equipment includes any machinery, appliance, apparatus, tool or installation that is used at work. In some cases this can even include equipment and items for personal use in the workplace, as well as any equipment that is used away from the work premises. When we say ‘use’, this means any type of activity undertaken by a Tesco worker where they are starting, stopping, programming, setting, transporting, repairing, modifying, maintaining, servicing or cleaning the work equipment. If you were involved in a Tesco accident because of defective equipment that caused you physical harm, you may be entitled to make a Tesco accident claim against the supermarket.

What Should I Do If I Am In A Tesco Accident?

If you are involved in any form of Tesco accident, there are a few steps you can take to help advance the merits of your Tesco accident claim.

Seek Medical Attention

Firstly, if you need any medical attention for your injuries you should seek medical care as soon as reasonably possible. Make sure you keep a record of any diagnoses or medical reports, as these will be used at a later stage to form the basis of your Tesco accident claim. If your injuries are severe you should call the emergency services to the scene immediately. If you do not appear to have any immediate injuries, be sure to attend a doctor at a later stage as some injuries only develop symptoms at a later stage.

Report The Tesco Accident To The Staff Or Managers

Secondly, you should be sure to report the Tesco accident to the manager, or the shopper service desk, of the store. In most cases, this will involve filling out an accident report book which records the details of the accident, the injury and the individuals involved.  If a Tesco accident report book is not the normal procedure of the Tesco in question, enquire with the store manager as to where you should record the accident so that you have an official record of what transpired. The formal record of your accident will be important when it comes to formulating your Tesco accident claim.

Were There Any Witnesses To Your Tesco Accident?

If possible, you should find out whether there were any witnesses to your Tesco accident. If there were any shoppers or workers around at the time that you were involved in your Tesco accident, be sure to take down their names and contact details, in the event that you require witnesses in support of your Tesco accident claim.

Gather Evidence To Help With Your Tesco Injury Claims

Lastly, if it is possible to do so, you should take photos of the scene of the accident and preferably the cause of the accident. For example, if your slip and fall accident was due to a slippery or wet floor in Tesco that had no warning sign to mark it out, you should take a photo of the scene where you had your slip accident, as proof of the cause of your Tesco accident. Also try to obtain any CCTV footage of the accident. At the end of the day, the more evidence that you are able to present of the accident, the better your chance of a successful claim.

Who Is Responsible For Tesco Accident Claims?

Tesco has a legal duty of care towards the public which is based on duties imposed by numerous items of legislation. As a starting point, the Occupiers Liability Act 1957 ensures that those responsible for the upkeep of Tesco take reasonable steps to ensure that the Tesco store is safe for those who visit the supermarket. Essentially what this means in practice, is that the operators of Tesco will be deemed to have been negligent should they allow hazards or dangers which are known to them, or could have been anticipated by them, to remain in place in Tesco stores, and these dangers then result in injury to another person.

Tesco Health And Safety Rules In The UK

As regards Tesco employees who work on a daily basis in the supermarket, the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 protects these workers and compels Tesco management to take necessary and reasonable steps to ensure the supermarket is maintained in a safe condition for both members of staff and anyone affected by their work. Where Tesco as the employer fails to do this, they will likely be deemed to be negligent and will be liable for an accident at work claim. These rules, combined with the various regulations under the Occupiers Liability Act, mean that Tesco as an employer is required to carefully assess risks and dangers in the workplace, and take steps to deal with them as they arise.

Its Your Legal Right To Make Tesco Accident Claims If Your Injured

In summary, there is a strong legal basis setting out health and safety responsibilities of the management of Tesco for accidents sustained by workers and shoppers alike. If the Tesco in which you suffered your accident failed to meet these standards and thus failed to meet its duty of care, you may well have been the victim of negligence, and you could be entitled to make a supermarket accident claim.

what are the costs in making tesco accident claims?

Many individuals that have been involved in a supermarket accident want nothing more than to receive fair and just compensation for their injuries, but the thought of landing up with a massive legal bill at the end of the day puts them off doing anything about their claim.

No need to worry- there is good news. Free Justice Legal offers various funding options for clients seeking compensation for personal injuries. These conditional fee agreements allow clients to continue to make their compensation claims without the stress of financial risk hanging overhead. We offer No Win No Fee agreements to all potential clients with valid accident claims, meaning that you will never pay us any legal fees in advance. Put simply, a No Win No Fee Agreement is a way for you to take legal steps necessary to claim compensation for wrongful injuries, even if you don’t have the financial resources to do so on your own. A No Win No Fee agreement means that Free Legal Justice will cover all the upfront legal costs of running your claim, and will only get paid if we help you to win your case and you receive financial compensation for your supermarket accident claim.

No Win No Fee Tesco Accident Compensation Claims

Our highly skilled solicitors are happy to offer No Win No Fee agreements to clients seeking rightful compensation for personal injuries, because they are extremely confident in their legal abilities and in their claim success rates. If we win your case, we will charge you a success fee of 25% of the total compensation received, as payment for all the work that we have done on your case. Your appointed solicitor will make sure to discuss the success fee with you before you start your supermarket accident claim.

Can I Use A No Win No Fee Agreement For My Tesco Accident Claim?

Free Legal Justice is happy to offer No Win No Fee agreements for a variety of supermarket accident claims. Whether you were injured while working in Tesco, as a customer while doing shopping in Tesco, or in the supermarket parking lot, we can help you to claim rightful compensation for your injuries, and get you the justice you deserve. Our dedicated and friendly accident claims team will be available around the clock to answer any questions you may have about what happened, why it happened, what your next steps are, and whether you can claim compensation for the personal injuries you have suffered in Tesco.  Best of all, this professional advice effectively comes free of charge!

It’s Free To Claim Compensation

At the end of the day, making a Tesco accident claim with Free Legal Justice is a financially savvy way to take the legal steps necessary to get the justice that you deserve. Free Legal Justice carries the risk of your claim being unsuccessful. If your compensation claim is unsuccessful, we will not charge you any anything for the work done on your case.

No Win No fee

Should I Make An Accident Claim Against Tesco As My Employer?

If you have been in an accident at work that was not your fault, you should definitely look into making an accident at work claim as compensation for the harm, pain and suffering you have suffered. We understand that instituting a claim for compensation against your employer can be rather nerve-wrecking. We are also aware that you are potentially concerned about the effect that a compensation claim can have on your employment status at Tesco, or possibly the financial and reputational impact that a successful claim will have on Tesco as your employer.

We Will Get You Justice For Your Tesco Accident And Injury Claims

Free Legal Justice wants to help you get the justice you deserve. You need not feel awkward or shy about making an accident at work claim against your employer. If you have suffered any form of injury because of someone’s negligence or actions while working at Tesco, we advise that you contact a legal professional immediately to discuss your potential Tesco Accident claim. Not only do physical injuries affect your health but they can also affect your personal relationships and have a major financial impact on your life. Your whole life could be changed in a short space of time, and your entire family could be affected as the result of one terrible event. The Free Legal Justice team is here to help you through this difficult period of your life.

Liability Insurance Is A Must For Supermarkets

If you are concerned about the financial consequences that an accident at work claim may have on Tesco as your employer, or about the position of your employment relationship if you make a claim against your company, you need not be concerned any longer. All employers in the UK are required to take out employer’s liability insurance. When you make a work accident claim, Tesco’s insurance company will take the matter over on your employer’s behalf, and will pay any associated costs, including your compensation pay-out. Every employer is legally required to take out this employers’ liability insurance, to make sure that they are financially able pay compensation for any accidents at work that result in illness or injury to an employee, without it affecting the economic position of the business.

It’s Your Legal Right To Claim Compensation

In summary, you are legally entitled to claim financial compensation for wrongful injuries that you have suffered in the workplace, and you have a fundamental right to get justice for the harm that has been caused. Do not feel guilty about using your basic human rights! Our experienced accident at work claims team has dealt with these often sensitive situations countless times before- they are extremely common. The Free Legal Justice team will deal with your case sensitively and discreetly, placing your privacy and security at the top of our priorities list. If you have any concerns or questions about making an accident at work claim, Free Legal Justice will be happy to provide the necessary support and discuss your options with you in a completely free consultation.

What Information Do I Need To Make A Tesco Accident Claim?

To advise you correctly on the merits and possible value of your Tesco accident claim, Free Legal Justice will need as much detail as possible about the Tesco accident and the resultant injuries that you or a loved one suffered.

Please have as much information as possible prepared for your free consultation with Free Legal Justice, including details such as:

  1. How the Tesco accident happened, and nature of the harm you have suffered because of the Tesco accident;
  2. Location of Tesco store where you suffered your accident and the store in which you suffered it;
  3. The full names, contact numbers and any other details of those people involved in the accident;
  4. Details of any  accident report books or emergency services reports; and
  5. Any other evidence you have of the Tesco accident that could help in formulating your claim.

Don’t worry if you don’t have all of the necessary information right away. Our accident claims team will be happy to guide you through the merits and value of your Tesco accident claim based on the information that you do have. Free Legal Justice will do whatever we can to help you obtain any additional information necessary in order to make a successful supermarket accident claim. The important thing is that you get in touch with a Free Legal Justice legal professional as soon as possible, so that we can get started on your No Win No Fee compensation claim and help you get the maximum compensation that you deserve, in the shortest possible time.

Tesco Accident Claims Payouts & Compensation Amounts?

In any type of personal injury claim, the amount of compensation that you will receive will vary depending on the facts of your case. The sum can differ from one case to the next, and your final compensation will depend completely on factors such as the severity of your injuries, the length of time needed to recover from your injuries, the impact on the specific individual’s life, and any complicating factors surrounding the injuries. Free Legal Justice has resolved numerous supermarket accident claims over the years. We know what compensation to expect for different categories of injuries and accidents. Your appointed No Win No Fee solicitor will be able to provide you with an estimated value of your Tesco accident claim once they have assessed and been through the details of your case with you, as well any medical reports of your injuries. For a broad guideline on compensation amounts, we have compiled the amounts for different levels of injury in the table below.

Average Tesco Compensation Payout Amounts For Your Tesco Accident Claims
Severity of Injury Details of InjuryExamples of Average Tesco Payouts For Supermarket Injury Claims
Head Injuries
Moderately severeSevere disability due to brain damage, loss of feeling in limbs, personality change and/or a mental disabilityBetween £180,000 and £240,000
ModerateMemory impacted; reduced ability to work; can include change in personality and increased risk of epilepsyBetween £36,000 and £185,000
MildMinimal or no brain damage but might still have long term effectsBetween £13,000  and £36,000
Facial Injuries
Moderate to severeSimple fractures to multiple fractures and breaks in the facial areaBetween £7,500 and £41,000
MildLess severe scarring to minor scarsBetween £1,400 and £11,700
Eye Injuries
Extremely severePartial to substantial loss of sight in one or both eyesBetween £45,000 and £230,000
MildTemporary loss of vision due to smoke, liquids or other substances; Struck/hit in the eyeBetween £1800 and £7500
TemporaryFull recovery takes a few weeksBetween £1800 and £3300
Nose Injuries
SevereSevere/multiple fractures to the nose resulting in permanent damageBetween £9000 and £19500
ModerateInjuries not requiring surgeryBetween £2000 and £26990
MildSimple non-displaced fractures with full recoveryBetween £1400 and £2160
Ear Injuries
Extremely severeComplete loss of hearingBetween £77 000 and £93 000
Moderately severeComplete hearing loss in one of the earsBetween £26000 and £38 000
MildHearing loss in one or both ears; tinnitusUp to £38 800
Shoulder Injuries
SevereParalysis, limb numbness, restriction in movement because of the injury in the neck and shoulderBetween £10 500 and £42 000
ModerateSemi-permanent damage; damage that restricts movement in arm and elbowBetween £6 700 and £10 800
MildDamage to soft tissue that should recover within the year or slightly longerUp to £6 700
Back Injuries
SevereSevere injury to the upper or lower back; paralysis or any relating issues to organs in the lower parts of the bodyBetween £33 000 and £137 000
Moderate.Covering a wide range of back injuries such as compression of the lumbar vertebrae, ligament or soft tissue damage, any constant pain and/or any discomfortBetween £10 500 and £33 000
MildStrains and sprains, soft tissue injuries, a slipped disc, muscle painUp to £10 670
Arm Injuries
SevereFor major restriction and disability present in one or both the armsBetween £33 400 and £111 600
Less severeRestriction in movement and/or disability in the arms with substantial recoveryBetween £16 000 and £33 400
Simple Between £5200 and £15 000
Hand Injuries
Very severeTotal or effective loss of one hand from crushing and then amputation; partial amputationBetween £52800 and £77 400
Moderately severeFinger amputations, crush injuries to the hand, penetrating wounds, deep lacerationsBetween £24 700 and £52 800
Less severeCrushing injuries leaving some impaired functionBetween £12 340 and £24 700
Leg Injuries
Moderately severeInjuries to the leg which has caused lifelong restriction in movement and disabilityBetween £23 600 and £82 100
Less severeFrom simple leg fractures, breaks or soft tissue damage which has affected the muscle to leg fractures with an incomplete recoveryUp to £23 600
Knee Injuries
SevereDisability because of a knee injury, major damage to muscles, muscle wastage and soft tissue damage. Disability because of a knee injury, major damage to muscles, muscle wastage and soft tissue damageBetween £22 300 and £82 000
ModerateMinor disability because of the knee injury, damage to the muscle, cartilage, soft tissue, that causes pain and sufferingUp to £22 300
Ankle Injuries
Extremely severeThe most severe ankle injuries that may cause deformity, degeneration of joints, and potentially amputationBetween £42 500 and £59 400
Moderately severeFractures, extensive treatment, disability because of ankle injuryBetween £11 700 and  £42 700
MildAnkle fractures, ankle sprainsUp to £11 730
Foot Injuries
Extremely severeAmputation of one or both feetBetween £71 600 and £171 900
Moderately severeSevere injury to one or both feet that causes restriction, fractures or disabilityBetween £11 700 and  £59 700
MildCovering injury to a foot with high chance of recoveryUp to £11 700

why choose our Tesco accident claims solicitors?

Free Legal Justice has many specialised personal injury lawyers who handle thousands of No Win No Fee personal injury claims each year. Our dedicated personal injury solicitors work around the clock to help clients get justice, and receive the maximum compensation that they deserve for their injuries.

By working with Free Legal Justice on a No Win No Fee compensation claim, we promise that:

  • You will receive free legal advice from one of our expert personal injury solicitors;
  • If you are unsuccessful in your No Win No Fee compensation claim, we will not charge you any legal fees;
  • You won’t pay a thing from your own pocket;
  • We will help you to recover the maximum amount of compensation for your injuries;
  • We will manage your No Win No Fee claim for you, keep you updated on the progress of your case, and will try to make the entire compensation claim process as stress-free as possible for you.

If you have any questions about the calculation of your Tesco accident claim, contact our team now. Contact Free Legal Justice today.

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