Have You Have Been Injured In A Fall Caused By A Wet And Slippery Floor?

Wet floor accidents are a leading cause of personal injury accidents that result in personal injury or death. There are several ways a floor in a store, office building, home or other location can become wet and slippery, but it is the responsibility of the property owner to eliminate or mitigate the hazard and ensure the safety of visitors.

Compensation For Wet Floor Injury Claims

Owners or managers of public places who fail to meet their duty of safety to someone who then suffers a wet floor accident on their property may be held liable for the victim injuries.  A wet floor accident claim is a personal injury claim that will seek compensation for the victim’s medical expenses and other losses, as well as for pain and suffering.

If you have slipped, fallen and been injured on a wet and slippery floor, you may be able to obtain compensation for your injuries from the property owner, lease holder, manager or other responsible party. Free Legal Justice is here to help you explore the merits of your potential wet floor accident claim to get you the lawful financial compensation that you deserve, to assist with all your medical bills, loss of income, pain and suffering and more.

Wet Floor Accident Claims

What Is A Wet Floor Accident?

A wet floor accident claim is a legal claim made by someone who slipped and fell and suffered some form of injuries as a result of slipping on a wet floor. A wet floor accident claim is based on a chain of responsibility, because the wet floor accident was avoidable and happened because someone was  negligent in terms of their duty of care.

An example could happen a customer spills their entire bottle of oil in the aisle of the grocery store, causing the floor to become slippery. The store management would reasonably be expected to make this danger obvious to customers by erecting a sign and cleaning up the oil, and by taking immediate action to minimise the risk of customers or employees slipping on the floor. If the supermarket does not adhere to these safety measures, and someone slipped, hurting themselves, this could be seen as a breach in their duty of care and thus, they would be liable to pay compensation for the injuries that person suffered.

Floors become wet and slippery from a variety of substances that are tracked in, spilled on or applied to them. These substances include:

  • Water, ice and snow
  • Sand or mud
  • Food, including liquids and semi-solids
  • Detergents and polishes
  • Oil, grease and fluids which have leaked from machinery or equipment
  • Bodily fluids on the floor, for example blood, urine, and sweat
  • Trash and other waste material on the floor

People can suffer wet floor accidents in all kinds of buildings and public spaces, including:

  • Shopping stores, shopping malls and other types of stores
  • Offices, banks and government buildings
  • Fast food joints and restaurants
  • Cinemas and theatres
  • Schools and churches
  • Garages and vehicle repair shops
  • Hospitals, urgent care clinics, doctors’ offices

Wet Floor Accident Claims In Public Places

Wet floor accidents often happen if a surface is wet or slippery. In public places and any place of work, a floor may be wet, sticky or slippery as a result of negligence, especially if it’s a wet floor that was not been properly cleaned and dried. When a floor is cleaned or a spill happens in a public place, appropriate signs should be erected to warn people that the floor is wet or slippery. If these warning signs are not present and you suffer a wet floor accident in a public space, then the person responsible for the area where you suffered your accident may be held liable for your injuries. Note though that to be successful in your compensation claim, your solicitor will have to be able to prove that your wet floor accident was a result of the negligence of another person or body. If the accident occurred on a public pavement because of bad weather conditions, the council will probably not be held liable because it can’t be responsible for the weather conditions.

Do You Know Who Was Responsible For Your Fall?

To find out who is responsible for the injury that you suffered in a public place, your solicitor will need to know exactly where and how the wet floor accident happened. If you fell in a building with public access, such as a public library, the parking lot of a shopping centre, or the local park, then responsibility for your injury would most likely lie with the owners of the building or space. If your injury happened in a shop, restaurant or a pub, then liability may be ascribed to the owner of the business. If you trip and fall into a hole in the pavement, a broken stairwell, or a broken public bench, then the person or body that is in charge of maintaining and upkeep of the public infrastructure will be responsible for your injuries. This is usually the local council or authority.

Free Legal Justice aims to help every victim of an accident get the justice they deserve. Our experienced solicitors are here to help you get the maximum financial compensation that you deserve as soon as possible.

Wet Floor Accident Claims At Work

If you slip, trip or fall at work and as a result, you suffer some form of injury, you may be entitled to a wet floor accident claim against your employer. In most cases your employer will be ultimately liable for the harm you have suffered, and will have breached the duty of care that they have towards you by failing to ensure your health and safety at work. If this is the case, there may be sufficient grounds for the employee to make a wet floor accident claim.

Workplace Wet Floor Accident Claims

If your wet floor accident was caused by the negligence of a co-worker, your employer will still be responsible for the injuries you have suffered. As a result of a principle known as vicarious liability, your employer will be responsible for all actions of their employees, whether negligent or otherwise. You could also be worried that if you make a claim against your employer you are at risk of losing your job or may be treated differently, but you need not stress any longer. There are specific rules and pieces of legislation in place to protect employees who make a claim against employers for work accidents and injuries sustained in accidents at work. Put simply, it is illegal for your employer to fire you or even treat you differently because you have instituted a compensation claim against them.

Our Solicitors Will Get You JUSTICE!

Free Legal Justice aims to help you get the justice you deserve. You need not feel awkward or shy about making a wet floor accident claim against your employer. If you have suffered any form of injury because of someone’s negligence or actions at work, we advise that you contact a legal professional immediately to discuss your potential wet floor accident claim. Not only do physical injuries affect your health; they can also affect your personal relationships and have a major financial impact on your life. Your whole life could be changed, and your entire family could be affected as the result of one terrible event. Your designated solicitor will guide and help you through this difficult period of your life.

No Win No Fee Wet Floor Compensation Claims

If you are concerned about the financial consequences that an accident at work claim may have on your employer, or about the position of your employment relationship if you make a claim against your company, you need not be concerned any longer. All employers in the UK are required to take our employer’s liability insurance. When you make a work accident claim, your employer’s insurance company will take over the case on your employer’s behalf, and will pay any associated costs, including your compensation pay-out. Every employer is legally required to take out this employers’ liability insurance, to make sure that they are financially able pay compensation for any accidents at work that result in illness or injury to an employee, without it affecting the economic position of the business.

Its Your Legal Right To Claim Compensation

In summary, you are legally entitled to claim financial compensation for wrongful injuries that you have suffered in the workplace, and you have a fundamental right to get justice for the harm that has been caused. Do not feel guilty about using your basic human rights! Our experienced team has handed these types of sensitive cases countless times before- they are more common than you think. The Free Legal Justice team will deal with your case sensitively and discreetly, placing your privacy and security at the top of our priorities list. If you have any concerns or questions about making a wet floor accident claim, Free Legal Justice will be happy to provide the necessary support and discuss your options with you in a completely free consultation.

Get in touch with Free Legal Justice today by filling out the online form, or by calling us on 0800 567 7074 or 0121 565 4317. One of our friendly personal injury solicitors will be happy to conduct a home visit, to discuss your wet floor accident claim from the comfort of your own home.

What Information Will I Need For My Wet Floor Accident Claim?

If you think you might be eligible for a wet floor accident claim, it is important to take steps as soon as possible to start your compensation claim. The first step in finding out if you have a valid claim is to speak to one of Free Legal Justice’s friendly team of slip trip or fall experts. Our slip trip or fall solicitors will help you through the entire claims process, from beginning to end. Free Legal Justice will help you to collect all the necessary details and information about the incident, and quickly be able to assess the best way to help you make your injury claim and get the justice you deserve.

Our Wet Floor Accident Claims Team Will Listen

If you contact a member of Free Legal Justice now, you will receive free professional advice on the merits of your case, so that you can know where you stand before you take legal steps against those who caused you injury. To correctly advise you on the merits of your wet floor accident claim, we will need as much detail as possible about the wet floor accident. You should have as much information as possible ready for your free consultation, including details such as:

  • how and when the accident happened;
  • the nature of the injuries suffered or damage caused as a result of the accident;
  • any names, and contact number of the individuals involved in the accident;
  • any accident report details or emergency service attendance details; and
  • the location of the wet floor accident.

As a normal part of the accident claims process, we will send you for an independent medical examination if you have not already obtained a medical report for your injuries. The doctor will conduct a full assessment of your injuries and write a report based on your injuries, which will be used in support of your damages claim and to value the amount of compensation that you are entitled to for your wet floor accident claim.

We Will Need Evidence 

Once Free Legal Justice has started your personal injury claim, we will also ask you to share any possible evidence that you have collected from the scene of the accident with us. This evidence will be used in support of your wet floor accident claim, and may include:

  • Details of any witnesses
  • Photographs of the accident scene
  • Photographs of your injuries
  • Details of medical appointments that you have attended
  • Details and receipts of any medication that a doctor has prescribed to treat your injuries
  • Any accident report book from the site and
  • CCTV or video footage from the scene.
Wet Floor Accident Claims

What Will I Get For My Wet Floor Accident Claim?

Your legal right to compensation is centred on getting you back to the position you were in before the wet floor accident. In personal injury claims generally, compensation is calculated with reference to the severity of the victim’s personal injuries, and the type of care that the person may need going forward, to be able to cope with their injuries. The claim will also include an amount for out-of-pocket expenses incurred as a result of the incident.

Personal injury claims consist of general and special damages. In summary, general damages are compensation for the personal injuries that you have suffered, whereas special damages are compensation for any supplementary expenses incurred as a result of the wet floor accident. Your personal injury lawyer will be sure to take you through the calculation of your general and special damages in detail once you’ve agreed to proceed with a wet floor accident claim.

General Damages For Your Wet Floor Injury Claims

There are specific rules as to the value of general damages for different levels of injuries in personal injury claims. Your general damages calculation will be done by matching the injuries described on your independent medical report with the sums provided for in the official Judicial Board Guidelines for the Assessment of General Damages in Personal Injury Cases. The amount of compensation that you receive will be influenced by details such as how serious your injury was and how long you will take to recover.

You will need to keep record of all of these additional expenses or costs you have incurred from the date of the accident, and further be able to show the expenses that you will incur in the future as a result of the accident. These costs will be included in the broad category of special damages. Special damage claims can include anything from travel costs, costs of medical appointments, additional childcare costs, and loss of future and past income. Special damages can also include a broader claim for medical expenses such as prescriptions, physiotherapy costs, counselling costs, physical home adjustments, and even the costs associated with any special equipment that you might need to live with your injuries.  Please see a broad guide to compensation amounts below. Note that this table is not in any way to be used as a strict guide, and is useful for reference only.

Compensation Amounts For Personal Injury Wet Floor Accident Claims
Severity of Injury Details of InjuryExamples of Average Compensation Awarded
Head Injuries
Moderately seriousSerious disability due to brain damage, loss of feeling in limbs, personality change and/or a mental disabilityBetween £180 000 and £240 000
ModerateMemory impacted; reduced ability to work; can include change in personality and increased risk of epilepsyBetween £36 000 and £185 000
Less seriousMinimal or no brain damage but might still have long term effectsBetween £13 000  and £36 000
Facial Injuries
Extremely seriousFacial disfigurement; serious scarring or burnsBetween £25 400 and £83 000
Moderate to seriousSimple fractures to multiple fractures and breaks in the facial areaBetween £7 500 and £41 000
MildLess serious scarring to minor scarsBetween £1400 and £11 700
Eye Injuries
Extremely seriousPartial to substantial loss of sight in one or both eyesBetween £45 000 and £230 000
Moderately seriousRestricted vision or loss of sight in one eyeBetween £7700 and £46 000
Less seriousTemporary loss of vision due to smoke, liquids or other substances; Struck/hit in the eyeBetween £1800 and £7500
TemporaryFull recovery takes a few weeksBetween £1800 and £3300
Nose Injuries
Seriously ModerateSerious injuries capable of recovery after surgeryBetween £3370 and £4350
ModerateInjuries not requiring surgeryBetween £2000 and £26990
Less seriousSimple non-displaced fractures with full recoveryBetween £1400 and £2160
Shoulder Injuries
SeriousParalysis, limb numbness, restriction in movement because of the injury in the neck and shoulderBetween £10 500 and £42 000
ModerateSemi-permanent damage; damage that restricts movement in arm and elbowBetween £6 700 and £10 800
Less seriousDamage to soft tissue that should recover within the year or slightly longerUp to £6 700
Back Injuries
SeriousSerious injury to the upper or lower back; paralysis or any relating issues to organs in the lower parts of the bodyBetween £33 000 and £137 000
Moderate.Covering a wide range of back injuries such as compression of the lumbar vertebrae, ligament or soft tissue damage, any constant pain and/or any discomfortBetween £10 500 and £33 000
Less seriousStrains and sprains, soft tissue injuries, a slipped disc, muscle painUp to £10 670
Arm Injuries
SeriousFor major restriction and disability present in one or both the armsBetween £33 400 and £111 600
Less seriousRestriction in movement and/or disability in the arms with substantial recoveryBetween £16 000 and £33 400
Less seriousTemporary or very simple injuryBetween £5200 and £15 000
Hand Injuries
Very seriousTotal or effective loss of one hand from crushing and then amputation; partial amputationBetween £52800 and £77 400
Moderately seriousFinger amputations, crush injuries to the hand, penetrating wounds, deep lacerationsBetween £24 700 and £52 800
Less seriousCrushing injuries leaving some impaired functionBetween £12 340 and £24 700
Leg Injuries
Extremely seriousAmputation of one or both legs (full or partial amputation)Between £83 500 and £240 500
Moderately seriousInjuries to the leg which has caused lifelong restriction in movement and disabilityBetween £23 600 and £82 100
Less seriousFrom simple leg fractures, breaks or soft tissue damage which has affected the muscle to leg fractures with an incomplete recoveryUp to £23 600
Knee Injuries
SeriousDisability because of a knee injury, major damage to muscles, muscle wastage and soft tissue damage. Disability because of a knee injury, major damage to muscles, muscle wastage and soft tissue damageBetween £22 300 and £82 000
ModerateMinor disability because of the knee injury, damage to the muscle, cartilage, soft tissue, that causes pain and sufferingUp to £22 300
Ankle Injuries
Extremely seriousThe most serious ankle injuries that may cause deformity, degeneration of joints, and potentially amputationBetween £42 500 and £59 400
Moderately seriousFractures, extensive treatment, disability because of ankle injuryBetween £11 700 and  £42 700
Less seriousAnkle fractures, ankle sprainsUp to £11 730
Foot Injuries
Extremely seriousAmputation of one or both feetBetween £71 600 and £171 900
Moderately seriousSerious injury to one or both feet that causes restriction, fractures or disabilityBetween £11 700 and  £59 700
Less seriousCovering injury to a foot with high chance of recoveryUp to £11 700

What Will It Cost To Make A Wet Floor Accident Claim?

Free Legal Justice conducts all of its personal injury claims on a No Win No Fee basis. This means that you will not pay Free Legal Justice a thing unless we successfully win your wet floor accident claim. Free Legal Justice will carry all the upfront costs needed to proceed with your case, meaning that you will only be charged if we help you to win. No Win No Fee agreements are a great funding option to allow all those injured in all types of accidents that were not their fault, to pursue litigation without the risk of being left out of pocket.

No Win No Fee Agreements For Wet Floor Accident Compensation Claims

A No Win No Fee agreement with Free Legal Justice allows you to continue with your wet floor accident claim on the condition that if the wet floor accident claim is not a success, you won’t pay your legal team any money. Put simply, it is a way for you to take legal steps necessary to get justice for the injuries that you have suffered, without the financial risk weighing over you. Our team of solicitors are happy to offer No Win No Fee agreements to clients seeking rightful compensation in injury claims, because they are confident in their legal abilities and they have a track record of successful claims behind them.

A No Win No Fee agreement is a financially-savvy way for all kinds of people to claim compensation for personal injuries and other damages caused as a result of accidents. Once you have been over the details of your incident with the Free Legal Justice team, and given one of our expert solicitors the go-ahead to continue with your wet floor accident claim on a No Win No Fee basis, your work is essentially finished. You can then sit back, relax, and let your dedicated accident claims team do the rest of the difficult work for you!

No Win No Fee

What Will I Pay If My Wet Floor Accident Claim Is Successful?

If you enter into a No Win No Fee Agreement with us, you will not pay Free Legal Justice any legal fees in advance. A No Win No Fee agreement means that we only get paid at the end of the day, once your claim is successful.

Our solicitors work on an average success fee of 25% of the total compensation received. Your assigned solicitor will make sure to discuss the success fee upfront, and this amount will be agreed in writing before you proceed with your wet floor accident claim. If Free Legal Justice helps you to win your case, we will receive the success fee as payment for the legal services that we have provided during the claims process. Your friendly solicitor will be able to answer any other questions that you might have in relation to the success fee.

Contact Our Wet Floor Accident Claims Solicitors Today

Contact Free Legal Justice today for a free, no obligations discussion about your claim. A member of our team will be able to estimate the value and merits of your case once they have been through the details of the incident with you. The sooner you get started on your wet floor accident claim, the sooner we can get you the justice you deserve.

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Why Choose Free Legal Justice for your wet floor accident compensation claims?

Free Legal Justice has many specialised slip trip or fall solicitors who handle thousands of personal injury claims each year. Our dedicated team works around the clock to help our clients get the justice they deserve, and receive the maximum compensation possible for their wet floor accident claims.

By working with Free Legal Justice on a wet floor accident claim, we promise that:

  1. You will receive free legal advice about your wet floor accident claim;
  2. If you are unsuccessful in your wet floor accident claim, we will not charge you any legal fees for the work we have done;
  3. You won’t pay a thing from your own pocket;
  4. We will help you to recover the maximum amount of compensation;
  5. We will manage your wet floor accident claim for you, keep you updated on the progress of your case, and will try to make the entire compensation claim process as stress-free as possible for you.