Have you or a loved one been injured in some form of accident, through no fault of your own? Do you want to know what you can do to receive fair and just compensation for your injuries, but the thought of landing up with a big legal bill puts you off doing anything to claim this compensation?

Free Legal Justice is here to help. We have good news- there are different funding options available allow you to make your compensation claim, without the worry of being left out of pocket. Free Legal Justice wants to help everyone that has been injured to claim rightful compensation and get justice- without the financial stress of legal fees. For this reason, we work with “No Win No Fee” agreements. After a first consultation and discussion with one of our highly skilled personal injury solicitors, we will be happy to offer you a No Win No Fee agreement once we have assessed your personal injury compensation claim.

No Win No Fee

How does a No Win No Fee agreement work?

A No Win No Fee agreement lets you continue with a compensation claim on the condition that if the claim is unsuccessful, you won’t owe your legal team any money. Put simply, it is a way for you to take legal steps necessary to claim compensation for injuries you have suffered due to someone else’s actions, without any financial risk weighing over your head. In short, by continuing with a No Win No Fee claim, Free Legal Justice will only get paid if we can help you win your case. We carry the risk of your claim being unsuccessful, and will pay for the upfront costs of running your case.  Our highly skilled solicitors are happy to offer No Win No Fee agreements to clients seeking rightful compensation for personal injuries, because they are extremely confident in their abilities and in their success rates. Of course this also means that we won’t take on a personal injury claim if we don’t think we will win the case. It would not make sense for us to do otherwise, and this demonstrates our honesty to you.

A No Win No Fee agreement is a stress-free, financially-savvy way to claim compensation for personal injury. Once you have given a member of the Free Legal Justice team the details of your compensation claim, as well as the go-ahead to continue with your claim on a No Win No Fee basis, your work is basically done. You can then sit back, relax, and let Free Legal Justice do all the hard work for you!

No win no fee agreement

What Can I Use A No Win No Fee Agreement For?

Free Legal Justice is happy to offer No Win No Fee agreements for a variety of personal injury claims. Whether you were injured at work, in a public space such as a shopping mall or in a street, as a result of food poisoning, or a car accident, we can help you to claim rightful compensation for your injuries, and get you the justice you deserve. We will usually only offer a no win, no fee agreement if, after analysing all the information available, we believe that you have a strong case and are likely to win, and that there is an opponent or insurer who is likely to make payment. Our dedicated and friendly No Win No Fee claims team are here to help answer any questions you have about what happened, why it happened, what your next steps are, and whether you can claim compensation for the personal injuries you have suffered.  Best of all, this professional advice effectively comes free of charge!

A few examples of personal injury matters that we offer No Win No Fee agreements for include:

Accidents at work;

Injuries in public places;

Medical malpractice;

Car accidents;

Illness claims;

Industrial disease ;

Dog bites; and

Faulty product claims

What Do I Need To Prove In A No Win No Fee Injury Claim?

The first important point that we will check is the date of the injury or accident. Generally, any personal injury compensation claim needs  to be instituted within three years of the date of the accident, or within three years of the diagnosis of the injury.

The second important point is that someone else needs to be responsible for your injury or illness. To be able to claim compensation for personal injury, we have to be able to prove that someone else is to blame for the harm caused to you. Once we have made sure this is the case, and we have a clear idea of who is responsible for the injuries you have suffered, one of our highly skilled personal injury lawyers will help you to claim the maximum amount of compensation possible from them by using a No Win No Fee arrangement. If your claim is successful, you will receive a cheque for your compensation and get the justice you deserve.

You have nothing to lose- the first consultation with Free Legal Justice costs absolutely nothing and places no obligations on you to continue with a No Win No Fee compensation claim thereafter.  We know that being injured in any type of accident is scary, and we want to lend a helping hand to guide you through the compensation claim process. To get in touch with us, simply fill out our short online form, or call Free Legal Justice today to speak to one of our friendly team members about your compensation claim. No matter what type of accident you were involved in or how the injuries were caused, we want to help you get the compensation that you deserve.

How Much Will I Be Charged If My No Win No Fee Claim Is Successful?

The good news is that you will never pay us any legal fees in advance. A No Win No Fee agreement means that we only get paid if your claim is successful.

We work on an average success fee of 25% of the total compensation that you receive. If we help you to win your claim, the party that loses (or their insurance company) will cover the total compensation amount, and our solicitors will be paid for their legal services as a percentage of the financial compensation awarded. Any success fee will be explained to you by the person dealing with your claim and confirmed in writing early on in the claim.

What Happens If My No Win No Fee Claim Is Unsuccessful?

Free Legal Justice carries the risk of your No Win No Fee claim being unsuccessful. If your compensation claim is unsuccessful, we will not charge you any legal fees for the work done by our skilled personal injury solicitors. That means that you will not need to pay us a thing if your claim is unsuccessful.

To ensure that you are fully protected and have peace of mind over your financial risks, our team can help you to secure ‘After the Event’ insurance. This insurance covers you in the event that you are unsuccessful with your claim, and in case the court rules that you need to pay a part of your opponent’s legal costs during the case.

No Win No Fee Road Accident Claims

Road accidents are one of the main causes of personal injury in the United Kingdom as a whole. According to the statistics released by the Department of Transport, there were 157 630 reported personal injury road accidents in the United Kingdom for the year ending June 2019.

In simple terms, a road accident is any type of incident that involves a car. Road accidents can happen for a variety of reasons and can lead to a variety of accident claims. A road accident could involve a situation where two cars collide with one another, or where a car collides with a motorbike or bicycle, and also include incidents where a pedestrian is injured by a car.

Being in any form of car accident is a traumatic experience for everyone involved. Besides the emotional stress and shock, damage to the cars and possessions, a road accident often results in injuries to one or more parties. Injuries caused by road accidents can range from whiplash, to serious head injuries, broken limbs, and in extreme cases, death.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a road accident that was not your fault, you may have a valid No Win No Fee road accident claim, and be entitled to financial compensation. Our team of dedicated and knowledgeable No Win No Fee claims experts are here to help you institute a compensation claim if you have suffered any injuries and financial loss as a result of another person’s actions. At Free Legal Justice, we know that being injured in any type of road accident is scary, and our No Win No Fee accident claim team is here to lend a helping hand to guide you through the road accident claims process. Free Legal Justice will take over all the hard work from you once you begin the No Win No Fee claims process, leaving you with less paperwork and minimal stress.

No Win No Fee

What Information Do I Need To Make A No Win No Fee Car Accident Claim?

To be able to advise you properly on the merits and possible value of your No Win No Fee road accident claim, our accident claims team will need as much detail as possible about the road accident. Please have as much information as possible ready for your free consultation with Free Legal Justice, including details such as:

  • How the road accident happened, and nature of the harm you have suffered because of the car accident;
  • Location of the road accident;
  • Your car and license registration details;
  • The full names, contact numbers and license details of the individuals involved in the car accident;
  • Details of any police dockets or emergency services reports; and
  • Details of the insurance providers for the other parties involved in the road accident.

Don’t worry if you don’t have all of the necessary information right away. Our No Win No Fee claims team will be able to guide you through the merits and value of your road accident claim based on the information that you can provide. Free Legal Justice will do what we can to help you obtain any additional information that you might need in order to make a successful No Win No Fee compensation claim. The important thing is that you get in touch with a Free Legal Justice legal professional as soon as possible, so that we can get started on your No Win No Fee compensation claim and help you get the maximum compensation that you deserve, in the shortest possible time.

No Win No Fee Accident At Work Claims

Generally, an accident at work is an accidental but anticipatable incident that happens in the workplace, because of certain conditions of the site or premises, because of the way in which a job is being done, or because of how certain equipment is being used. As a result of this, an accident ensues and someone (usually an employee) is harmed. A No Win No Fee work accident claim is then the process whereby an employee, who was the victim of the accident at work, files a legal claim for financial compensation against the person who is legally responsible for their injuries.

In the eyes of the law, an employer is ultimately responsible for any harm that an employer may suffer at their place of work and as a result of someone else’s negligence. This is so whether the accident was caused by someone’s positive act or their failure to act. Whether the accident was caused by a negligent mistake of another employee or a seemingly innocent joke played by one of a co-worker, at the end of the day it is the employer that is responsible for safety at work. If you are worried about the potential financial implications that your accident at work claim may have on your employer, or about the status of your employment relationship once you have made a claim, you need not worry any longer.  Your employer will have employer’s liability insurance to pay for any compensation claim made against them.

Types Of Accidents At Work

There are many ways that an employee can suffer injuries as a result of an accident at work. Our No Win No Fee solicitors encounter hundreds of accident at work claims each year, including:

Construction Accidents At Work

The statistics show that the construction industry is one of the most hazardous sectors to work in. The majority of accident at work claims made in the United Kingdom are based on personal injuries suffered by employees in the construction industry. Accidents at work on building sites can range from sprained ankles as a result of slip and trips, cuts and sprains due to heavy loads, broken and bruised extremities because of defective or dangerous machinery, bone fractures and spinal cord injury due to falls from a height, and loss of limb because of hazardous apparatus.

Sadly, the construction industry is also one of the most common sectors for fatal accidents at work. The main cause of fatal injuries in Great Britain each year is a result of workers falling from a height on construction sites. Other fatal accidents include workers being trapped by something that has collapsed or overturned, and workers being struck by some form of moving vehicle or equipment.

Slip, Trip Or Fall Accidents At Work

In general, slip accidents at work are caused by the presence of something smooth on the floor surface, for example slippery cleaning products, water or ice, some type of greasy food or sticky drinks. Trip accidents at work can be caused by any item being left lying around on the floor, by uneven floor surfaces, by obstructions in the path (such as potholes), cables lying on the ground, or by hidden or uneven steps. Causes and contributing factors to fall injuries could be anything from loose floor coverings, to losing footing on the stairs, to poor health and safety measures, to faulty equipment; or simply a worker rushing to get somewhere.  The chance of someone slipping, tripping or falling at work is also increased when the lighting in the place of work is insufficient or where the obstructions have not been brought to the attention of employees through any warning signs or demarcation.

Manual Handling And Carrying Accidents At Work

A manual handling job is any workplace task that requires someone to transfer, lift or support a load. Manual handling injuries in the workplace can be caused by both light and extremely heavy loads. The employees that are most likely to be at risk include care workers, manufacturing staff, agricultural workers and construction workers. It should be noted however, that any employee in any sort of workplace is at risk of a manual handling or carrying injury.

A large portion of the No Win No Fee compensation claims that Free Legal Justice manage on a daily basis, relate to injuries caused by manual handling accidents at work. Lifting and carrying accidents that our No Win No Fee solicitors deal with on a daily basis are caused by:

  • individuals being required to manually handle excessive weight;
  • employers failing to provide adequate training or refresher training to employees;
  • Insufficient or infrequent risk assessments being carried out by employers;
  • Failure of employers to provide suitable safety equipment to employees
  • Failure of employers to provide a safe system of work or sufficient assistance and sufficient oversight for all individuals in the workplace

Our expert No Win No Fee claims solicitors have successfully proven the negligence of hundreds of employers in claims of this nature, resulting in fair financial compensation and justice for many satisfied Free Legal Justice clients.

Falls From A Great Height

Falling from a great height at your place of work can extremely treacherous. Significant or even life-changing injuries can result from an individual falling from any height, and the entire experience can have a huge impact on the person’s physical and mental wellbeing. The physical injuries that you suffer from a falling accident at work don’t just affect your health and personal life- your injuries could also have a financial impact on you and your family.

Being Struck By A Moving Object

Any individual can be injured by harmful contact from a moving object, for example where something falls or flies through the air and strikes them. This is a common way for employees to be injured in an accident at work, and one of the largest categories of reported injuries after manual handling accidents and slipping accidents. Workers could also be harmed if boxes were to fall from a storage rack and land on them, or if a sharp object were to fall from a table. Another common example is where an object becomes dislodged from a stack because of a moving vehicle, and falls on the worker standing nearby.

Defective Equipment

All employers have a responsibility to check equipment regularly and make sure that the equipment is in good and proper working order, and thus does not pose a danger to any person who might need to use it. Equipment in this instance would include any machinery, appliance, apparatus, tool or installation that is used in a workplace. In some cases it can even extend to equipment and items that employees provide for their own personal use within the workplace, or even equipment that is used away from the work premises. When we say ‘use’, this refers to any activity that involves includes starting, stopping, maintaining, servicing, setting, moving, programming, repairing, modifying,  and even cleaning the equipment.

If you are an employee that has been exposed to defective equipment that has caused you physical harm, you are most likely entitled to make an accident at work claim against your employer. Speak to Free Legal Justice today to find out how to make your No Win No Fee claim.

Public Place No Win No Fee Injury Claims

Free Legal Justice has years of experience in No Win No Fee personal injury claims for accidents that have happened in a wide range of public places, including theme parks, shopping malls, restaurants and bars, parks, schools, theatres, carnivals and music concerts.

If you have suffered a personal injury whilst in a public place, and you believe this injury was due to negligence of another individual or body, you may be able to claim compensation for your injuries. Councils, shop owners, businesses and public bodies all have a duty to take reasonable measures to prevent the public from being injured on the premises under their control.

If your accident was on a council owned property, such as a public walkway or a council house rented out to a member of the public, then you may be able to make a personal injury compensation claim against the local authority if the accident was due to their negligence. When we look at injuries occurring in public spaces, the accident generally involves a slip or a trip on a road or a pavement, which means that the local council will be responsible.

When instituting a No Win No Fee personal injury claim against a Local Authority for not maintaining a road or sidewalk, the claimant will need to prove that the local council was negligent in their duty to the public by failing to keep the pavement safe. This involves proving that, based on the circumstances of the case, it was not reasonable for the local council to let  the public space to fall into a state of disrepair that it could result in a person being injured.

Free Legal Justice will guide you through your entire No Win No Fee claim, and can help you get the compensation you deserve for the injuries you suffered in a public place. Contact Free Legal Justice today for a free, no obligations discussion about your No Win No Fee injury claim. A member of the Free Legal Justice team will be able to estimate the value and merits of your No Win No Fee compensation claim once they have been through the details of the incident with you. The sooner you get started,, the sooner we can get you the justice you deserve.

Why Choose Free Legal Justice?

Free Legal Justice has many specialised personal injury lawyers who handle thousands of No Win No Fee personal injury claims each year. Our dedicated personal injury solicitors work around the clock to help clients get justice, and receive the maximum compensation that they deserve.

By working with Free Legal Justice on a No Win No Fee compensation claim, we promise that:

  • You will receive free legal advice from one of our expert personal injury solicitors;
  • If you are unsuccessful in your No Win No Fee compensation claim, we will not charge you any legal fees;
  • You won’t pay a thing from your own pocket;
  • We will help you to recover the maximum amount of compensation;
  • We will manage your No Win No Fee claim for you, keep you updated on the progress of your case, and will try to make the entire compensation claim process as stress-free as possible for you.

What Will I Get For My No Win No Fee Claim?

In any type of No Win No Fee personal injury claim, the amount of compensation that will be awarded will vary from one case to the next, and will depend completely on factors such as the severity of the injuries, the length of time needed to recover from injuries, the impact on the specific individual’s life, and any complicating factors surrounding the injuries. Free Legal Justice has resolved various kinds of No Win No Fee claims over the years. We know what compensation to expect for different categories of injuries and accidents. Your appointed No Win No Fee solicitor will be able to give you an estimated value of your No Win No Fee compensation claim once they have carefully been through the details of your case as well as medical reports of your injuries. For a broad guideline on No Win No Fee compensation amounts, we have compiled the amounts for different levels of injury in the table below.

Compensation Amounts For No Win No Fee Personal Injury Claims
Severity of Injury Details of InjuryExamples of Average Compensation Awarded
Head Injury Claims
Extremely severeVictims are unresponsive as a result of severe brain damage and may be in a vegetative stateBetween £240 000 and £345 000
Moderately severeSevere disability due to brain damage, loss of feeling in limbs, personality change and/or a mental disabilityBetween £180 000 and £240 000
ModerateMemory impacted; reduced ability to work; can include change in personality and increased risk of epilepsyBetween £36 000 and £185 000
MildMinimal or no brain damage but might still have long term effectsBetween £13 000  and £36 000
Facial Injury Claims
Extremely severeFacial disfigurement; severe scarring or burnsBetween £25 400 and £83 000
Moderate to severeSimple fractures to multiple fractures and breaks in the facial areaBetween £7 500 and £41 000
MildLess severe scarring to minor scarsBetween £1400 and £11 700
Eye Injury Claims
The most severeCompletely blind and deafAround £340 000
Extremely severePartial to substantial loss of sight in one or both eyesBetween £45 000 and £230 000
Moderately severeRestricted vision or loss of sight in one eyeBetween £7700 and £46 000
MildTemporary loss of vision due to smoke, liquids or other substances; Struck/hit in the eyeBetween £1800 and £7500
TemporaryFull recovery takes a few weeksBetween £1800 and £3300
Nose Injury Claims
SevereSevere/multiple fractures to the nose resulting in permanent damageBetween £9000 and £19500
Severely ModerateSevere injuries capable of recovery after surgeryBetween £3370 and £4350
ModerateInjuries not requiring surgeryBetween £2000 and £26990
MildSimple non-displaced fractures with full recoveryBetween £1400 and £2160
Ear Injury Claims
Extremely severeComplete loss of hearingBetween £77 000 and £93 000
Moderately severeComplete hearing loss in one of the earsBetween £26000 and £38 000
MildHearing loss in one or both ears; tinnitusUp to £38 800
Shoulder Injury Claims
SevereParalysis, limb numbness, restriction in movement because of the injury in the neck and shoulderBetween £10 500 and £42 000
ModerateSemi-permanent damage; damage that restricts movement in arm and elbowBetween £6 700 and £10 800
MildDamage to soft tissue that should recover within the year or slightly longerUp to £6 700
Back Injury Claims
SevereSevere injury to the upper or lower back; paralysis or any relating issues to organs in the lower parts of the bodyBetween £33 000 and £137 000
Moderate.Covering a wide range of back injuries such as compression of the lumbar vertebrae, ligament or soft tissue damage, any constant pain and/or any discomfortBetween £10 500 and £33 000
MildStrains and sprains, soft tissue injuries, a slipped disc, muscle painUp to £10 670
Arm Injury Claims
Extremely severeAmputation of both arms, the amputation of a single arm, or partial amputation of one or both armsBetween £82 000 and £255 900
SevereFor major restriction and disability present in one or both the armsBetween £33 400 and £111 600
Less severeRestriction in movement and/or disability in the arms with substantial recoveryBetween £16 000 and £33 400
Simple Between £5200 and £15 000
Hand Injury Claims
Extremely severeAmputation of one or both hands; loss of use of handsBetween £120 000 and £171 900
Very severeTotal or effective loss of one hand from crushing and then amputation; partial amputationBetween £52800 and £77 400
Moderately severeFinger amputations, crush injuries to the hand, penetrating wounds, deep lacerationsBetween £24 700 and £52 800
Less severeCrushing injuries leaving some impaired functionBetween £12 340 and £24 700
Leg Injury Claims
Extremely severeAmputation of one or both legs (full or partial amputation)Between £83 500 and £240 500
Moderately severeInjuries to the leg which has caused lifelong restriction in movement and disabilityBetween £23 600 and £82 100
Less severeFrom simple leg fractures, breaks or soft tissue damage which has affected the muscle to leg fractures with an incomplete recoveryUp to £23 600
Knee Injury Claims
SevereDisability because of a knee injury, major damage to muscles, muscle wastage and soft tissue damage. Disability because of a knee injury, major damage to muscles, muscle wastage and soft tissue damageBetween £22 300 and £82 000
ModerateMinor disability because of the knee injury, damage to the muscle, cartilage, soft tissue, that causes pain and sufferingUp to £22 300
Ankle Injury Claims
Extremely severeThe most severe ankle injuries that may cause deformity, degeneration of joints, and potentially amputationBetween £42 500 and £59 400
Moderately severeFractures, extensive treatment, disability because of ankle injuryBetween £11 700 and  £42 700
MildAnkle fractures, ankle sprainsUp to £11 730
Foot Injury Claims
Extremely severeAmputation of one or both feetBetween £71 600 and £171 900
Moderately severeSevere injury to one or both feet that causes restriction, fractures or disabilityBetween £11 700 and  £59 700
MildCovering injury to a foot with high chance of recoveryUp to £11 700

About Our No Win No Fee Solicitors At Free Legal Justice

Free Legal Justice only works with No Win No Fee claims. Our skilled personal injury solicitors have broad knowledge and experience in all kinds of personal injury claims, and they know exactly how to help our clients receive the maximum compensation for No Win No Fee compensation claims. Our No Win No Fee claims solicitors will protect your privacy and safety, and ensure that your No Win No Fee compensation claim is handled diligently, efficiently and discreetly. We aim to make the entire No Win No Fee compensation claim process as easy and stress free as possible for you. You can rest easy knowing that your expert solicitor is working hard to get you the maximum compensation you deserve.